Important Points

Ruby's Orchard Campsite

If you have children in your family/group, it is vital that you note that because of the semi-wild nature of Ruby’s Orchard, there are things to be aware of; there is a small, shallow but unfenced pond. Because it is a woodland setting and reclaimed from spruce planting, there are dips and bumps, sticks/roots etc on the ground which can be tripped over if you do not take care. It is not a tidied-up play area, but a semi-wild area where kids and adults can run a little wild! You may encounter wildlife such as insects, amphibians (frogs/newts/ slow-worms), small mammals (bank-voles, hedgehogs if you’re lucky, and wood-mice).

This is a great place for children, with a pond to dip and dens to be made in the woods, but you are responsible for the safety of all children in your group, and by booking you accept that we are not responsible for accidents caused by lack of supervision, or by encounters with the natural environment.  If your children are used to playing in the outdoor world then as a general rule we would say that Ruby’s Orchard is fine for children who are walking. If you have crawlers or newly self-mobile young children then you can still enjoy being here, but will need to be extra aware. If you have any concerns please contact Lynne.

We very unfortunately can’t order in the weather.

We do not take hen or stag parties, as we can only accommodate up to 8 people, but civilised single-sex groups are allowed as long as the quiet nature of the site is respected. Please do not book for 8 and invite scores of extras along for a barbecue or party though, as you will be asked to leave.

Sorry, but for a variety of reasons we do not take dogs.

There is only parking for a maximum of 3 vehicles.

Although we are in a very rural area, the countryside is not silent, and is also a working environment of course. There is a rural lane along one edge of the site. At certain times of year (silage/hay/barley harvest for example) there may be fairly frequent tractor activity on this lane or work going on in the fields opposite. However, there are also long periods with no traffic and we think you will find Ruby’s Orchard generally very tranquil. The camping area is not right next to the lane and is screened from the lane by trees.

There is a public footpath running along one border of Ruby’s Orchard. This marks one of our boundaries. Please respect our neighbours by not trespassing.

Ruby’s Orchard is intended to be a quiet camp, so please respect this.

Remember there is NO mains electricity on site, so you will need to bring your own solar/car chargers/ power packs for any devices you wish to use, or take the opportunity to completely chill out, and leave them at home.

We do not have Wifi, but there is usually reasonable mobile signal.

It is your responsibility to keep the tents, toilet and shower areas clean and leave them as you find them (cleaning things provided). Lynne the owner will visit every day or 2 to re-stock loo rolls etc, and you will be given a mobile number to use if you encounter any problems.

Absolutely no smoking is allowed in any of the tents. No food, naked flames or candles in the sleeping tents please. In the kitchen-tent only the candles provided must be used, and be burned only in the receptacles provided. they are votive candles and liquefy as they burn.

The owner reserves the right to ask you to leave without refund, if any of the above are not respected.

Arrival is between 4pm and 8pm. I’m sorry, but due to other work and family commitments, and change-overs, I cannot let you in earlier than this. Departure by 10.30am please.